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Bantex 1230 Cohesive Gauze Finger Tape, 3/4" x 30 YDS

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Bantex Cohesive Gauze Tape is a revolutionary product in finger protection. Applied to individual fingers in industrial applications, it provides exceptional protection while still allowing flexibility, breath-ability and dexterity... in short, it gives you tougher fingers!

Developed by Brasel in 1947, Bantex cohesive gauze tape is a unique material that "sticks" only to itself. It can be used in industry for finger and hand protection, in first aid applications to hold bandages or splints in place, or for any activity where grip is important. Applied to tools, raquets and other equipment, Bantex provides an improved grip for sports, gardening, construction and other activities. Bantex is currently used in thousands of industries and activities around the globe. Protect your most valuable assets... your fingers and hands!

Bantex Cohesive Gauze combines more unique and useful qualities than any other protective wrap material. Safe for sensitive skin, it can replace adhesive tape, finger-cots, roller gauze, or stockinette with definite advantages.

Dynamically self-bonding.

Layers weld together with strong cohesive action as the protective wrap is applied. Unlike adhesive tape, it "sticks" to itself rather than the surface it is applied to. This action is instantaneous, resulting from only gentle pressure of application. Strength of bond actually increases from friction and stress -- physical activity need not be restricted.

Water resistance is positive and absolute.

Perspiration, washing, soaking, bathing, or long immersion in soapy or detergent solutions will not loosen the cohesive bond. The same is true of fine powders and dusts.

Comfortable and wear-resistant.

Porosity permits air circulation. Effective wherever skin traction is not needed. Will not distort, slip or loosen providing firmer and more positive protection.

Easy and painless to remove.

Simply snip through the entire wrap and lift away gently, with no pulling of skin or hair, no disturbance of healing tissues, and no sticky residue requiring clean-up solvents.


Assembly   -   Mail Handling   -   Meat Packing   -   Manufacturing   -   Automotive Finishing   -   Roofing Repair   -   Produce Handling   -   And more!

Although Bantex was originally designed as a convenient bandage, its industrial applications are countless. Mail sorters, technicians, and workers who deal with small parts use Bantex to prevent cuts and scrapes on their knuckles, fingertips, and hands.

Automotive workers use Bantex to prevent sandpaper from chafing and scraping skin when detailing cars. Food service employees protect hands from hot plates and food with Bantex, and meat processing workers use it to prevent potentially harmful cuts.

Whenever finger and hand protection is needed, Bantex offers a convenient, effective solution.


First Aid Kits   -   Emergency Bandages   -   Ankle/Wrist Supports   -   Splint Wraps   -   Veterinary Work   -   And more!

Bantex gauze is used by doctors and vets as protection for cuts, burns, sprains, and other injuries. Many trainers also use Bantex for ankle and wrist supports. Bantex is effective and easy to use for anyone and is safer than stretchy elastic gauze.

Bantex may be sterilized and is often used as an emergency bandage; it is non-toxic and will not cause dermatitis or leave a sticky residue. Unlike adhesive tape, it "sticks" to itself, not skin, hair, or clothing. Removal is painless and healing tissues are unharmed.

Because it uses no sticky adhesives, Bantex allows patients to bathe, swim, or work in water without loosening the wrapping.