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All Orders Over $50 Ship Free

North 7583P100L Organic Vapor/Acid Gas Cartridge and P100 Filter (1 Pair)

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Type     Respirator Cartridge & Filter    
Material     Polystyrene    
Color     Pink    
For Use With     5500 / 7700 Series Half Masks, 5400 / 7600 Series Full Facepieces    
Compliance / Standards     NIOSH 42 CFR Part 84    
Special Features     Easy to Perform User Seal Checks    
Application     Chemical, Government, Manufacturing, Oil and Gas    
Package Quantity     2 per Pack    
Protection Type     Organic Vapors
Acid Gases
Hydrogen Chloride
Sulfur Dioxide
Chlorine Dioxide
Hydrogen Fluoride
Hydrogen Sulfide    
Filter Type     P100    
Hazards Type     Airborne Particulates
Confined Space

Cartridges and filters for use with 5500 and 7700 Series half masks, and 5400 and 7600 Series full facepieces. Combination filter cartridges feature a low profile with curved top that will not catch on pipes or other objects. Easy to perform user seal checks, even on the gas and vapor cartridges.