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All Orders Over $50 Ship Free

Proshield 70 Boot / Shoe Cover, Gray, 100 per Case

by Dupont
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ProShield® 70 fabric, used exclusively for shoe and boot cover products, is a spunbonded polypropylene substrate that is extrusion coated with a low-density polyethylene film for enhanced skid resistance and barrier performance.

  • 10" boot cover with elastic top
  • ProShield® 70 sole material provides enhanced skid-resistance
  • Manufactured under specifications that do not contain natural rubber latex.
  • One size fits most
  • Meets the U.S. industry requirements for blood (ASTM F1670) and viral penetration (ASTM F1671) protecting against several bloodborne pathogen exposure risks


  • The garment shall be constructed of DuPont™ ProShield® 70 -- a fabric consisting of a coating with an embossed grid pattern applied to a nonwoven fabric.
  • The garment shall be gray in color.
  • The garment shall be a boot cover design.
  • The garment shall have serged seams.
  • The garment shall have an elastic opening.
  • The garment shall have a ProShield® 70 upper.
  • The garment shall have soles made of skid-resistant material.
  • The garment shall be 10™ high.