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RPB Z-Link Respirator PX5 PAPR Assembly Kit with Zytec FR Shoulder Cape - NIOSH Approved - 16-018-21-FR

by RPB
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This kit includes:

16-010-23 Z-Link with 16-721 Zytec FR Shoulder Cape,04-831 Breathing Tube, 03-801-FR PX5 PAPR Assembly

Cape Zytec FR Shoulder Cape
Headtop Z-Link
Airflow PX5 PAPR
Filter/Cartridge High Efficiency (HE) Filter

Complete versatility

The Z-Link can be configured in multiple variations, so that you can wear it your way. With the detachable Z-Link+ welding visor, five lens options, five cape types, a fully adjustable head suspension and airflow, along with optional accessories, the Z-Link lets you add, change, or remove features as you need.

Design Features

  • Large, optically clear, grinding visor with Z87+ certified eye protection
  • Choose from five Z87+ certified visors: clear, mirror tint, smoke tint, infrared shade 5, yellow tint
  • Fixed jaw to ensure secure cape attachment
  • Shoulder cape or face seal available
  • Choose from three cape materials: Tychem® 2000, Tychem® 4000, Zytec® FR
  • APF of greater than 1000 when used with the face seal or shoulder cape, APF of greater than 500 when used with the chin seal
  • Polystyrene top liner for impact absorption
  • Swivel inlet fitting for easy breathing tube attachment
  • Gray heat-reflecting shell for lower in-helmet temperatures
  • Compatible with supplied air or powered air

Productivity Features

  • Tear-off lenses available to extend the life of the main grinding visor lens

Comfort Features

  • Air deflector enables incoming air to be directed over the lens or over the face
  • Molded padding fits closely to your head to evenly spread weight


  • RPB Z-Link+ welding visor
  • RPB Comms-Link in-helmet communication system, compatible with most radios
  • RPB Vision-Link  helmet light for work in dark environments
  • RPB Quiet-Link ear defenders for high noise environments
  • Optional FR breathing tube cover available

The future of powered air purifying respirators.

The PX5 is the result of years of product refinement, designed with new functional capabilities that enhance your experience of comfort and your ability perform. The PX5 redefines what it means to be a powered air purifying respirator.

Design Features

  • Ingress protection - certified to IP65 rating in use.
  • Sleek, considered surfaces for ease of decontamination.
  • The PX5 unit can easily be removed from the belt with the mount lock system.
  • Several belt configurations available - waist mount with easy clean decon or FR rated belt, and a backpack assembly with easy clean decon straps or FR rated straps.
  • The battery is sealed inside the unit so it will not disconnect or bump off while operating.
  • PX5 filter media removes up to 99.97% of particulates down to 0.12 microns.
  • Filter safety - the filter door cannot mount to the unit unless a filter is fixed in place.
  • LED user interface indicates airflow, fan speed and battery level.
  • Alarming - visual, audible, and vibrating alarms alert the user to low battery level, or when airflow falls below the minimum requirements due to the filter needing replacing, or an obstructed airflow.
  • Gas cartridge/filter range: Includes OV/AG/HE and Multi-Gas cartridges, and A2P, ABE1P, ABEK1P filters.
  • US and Global patents pending.

Comfort Features

  • Lightweight - complete system weighs as little as 2.55lbs (with the HEPA filter attached).
  • The PX5 strategically distributes its weight through its vertical mounting and contours to your back.

Productivity Features

  • Long-life lithium-ion battery lasts 12+ hours on fan speed 1 (low), 9+ hours on fan speed 2 (medium) and 8+ hours on fan speed 3 (high).


  • Tychem cover available to protect against overspray in painting environments.

Extend the possibilities of where you can work.

RPB Gas Cartridge/Filter Range

The PX5 PAPR cartridge/filter range includes OV/AG/HE and Multi-Gas cartridges, and A2P/ABE1P/ABEK1P filters. Approved for organic vapors and gases such as solvents, and acidic vapors and gases.

PAPR Backpack Assembly

Now you can choose to wear your PX5 around your waist or on your back with the new backpack assembly, available with FR rated straps, or easy clean decon straps.

Ingress Protection

Certified to IP65 rating in use.