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Shoe Covers, Large, Super Sticky, Blue, 300/Case

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Keystone Super Sticky White Disposable Shoe Covers with Non-Skid Film Coating

Superior Traction on any Floor!

  • Get "Super Sticky" traction to prevent slipping and sliding on ultra-clean surfaces.
  • The non-skid bottom is ideal for the most slippery of conditions, with more gripping than regular non-skid shoe covers.
  • The EVA-PE film coating added to non-woven (polypropylene) reduces particulate release and provides excellent non-skid traction on workplace floors.
  • Water resistant. Seamless bottom and the film coating protect from water based liquids.
  • Comfortable. Soft, lightweight, breathable, and latex-free.
  • Multi-use. Low-linting shoe covers are ideal for clean rooms, food processing, pharmaceutical, healthcare facilities, surgical scrub and general use.
  • Packaged 300 White Super Sticky Shoe Covers per case = 150 pairs.  

Keystone Super Sticky White Shoe Covers Super sticky shoe covers are designed for use in work spaces with slippery conditions. The disposable apparel has a non-skid sole which provides more traction on smooth floors. Moreover, the sticky bottom will prevent sliding on super clean floors. These shoe covers are fabricated by combining polypropylene with a coating of polyethylene. Therefore, the products are quite resilient and resistant to damage. In addition, the fabric provides protection against pollutant particles and general liquids. It is also important to note that the shoe covers are breathable, comfortable and non-allergenic. Protect your shoes and boots from dirt, grime and liquids with Keystone® Disposable Super Sticky Shoe Covers. These are made from non-linting, water-resistant polypropylene, making them ideal use in clean-rooms where contamination and particulate control are a must. These shoe covers are made for those sensitive to slippage as they feature an EVA-PE film coating that provides outstanding traction on all work place floors. The water-resistant coating on the shoe cover makes this an ideal choice for many industries, including meat packaging, food processing, pharmaceutical, clean-rooms, animal research, labs and more. They slip on quickly and the elastic top keeps your "Super-Sticky" shoe cover secured. Generously sized in Large and Extra-Large. 300 shoe covers per case.

Suggested Applications:

  • Medical, dental, clean-room, critical environment, food handling & production, industrial manufacturing, construction, and general maintenance.